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How to get Twitch Recap 2021

If you still haven't received your Twitch Recap, make sure you've enabled the 'Marketing' option in notifications as follows:

How to get Twitch 

  • Go to Twitch in "Settings"
  • "Notifications" tab
  • Choose "On Twitch" and make sure "Marketing" is checked!

Like Spotify, the Twitch platform now offers a retrospective every year! It is possible to know many statistics related to your use of the platform, how the channels you have watched the most during the year, or the categories that you have preferred.

But how do you access your Twitch Recap of the Year? Unlike Spotify, there isn't a site to go to to find this retrospective. The Twitch Recap is sent automatically by email to all users of the platform. If you haven't received it yet, just wait! Not all emails are received at the same time.

How to get Twitch Recap 2021
Twitch Recap

How to access Twitch Recap 2021?

To be sure to access the 2021 Twitch Recap, all you need to do is regularly inspect your emails! Retrospectives have started sending out to all users, but may not be sent at the same time. So it is possible that your friends received it, but you didn't! There is no other way to access this annual recap.

Like last year, you can find in this summary the channels that you have watched the most or the categories that you have followed the most. You will also be able to know the number of messages you have sent, or the emotes you used the most in 2021. So check your emails regularly to have access to this summary!