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The moment Miss Israel fainted Noa Cochva 2021 photo

 Noa Cochva gets clinical treatment and is relied upon to recuperate on schedule to take part in the occasion that starts off in Eilat early Monday morning Israel time

EILAT — Israel's Miss Universe competitor, Noa Cochva, blacked out behind the stage at practices for the global contest in Eilat, coordinators said Sunday.

The moment Miss Israel fainted Noa Cochva

The moment Miss Israel fainted Noa Cochva

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Coach, 22, gets clinical treatment behind the stage and is relied upon to recuperate on schedule for the finals of the occasion, which start up at 2 a.m. neighborhood time Monday.

"Much thanks to you for your anxiety. I feel better and solid," she said in an assertion to her apparent allies, vowing to return on schedule for the opposition.

The 70th Miss Universe event will start off with 80 challengers from around the globe marching across the stage with an end goal to win the pined for headdress.

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I saw my eyes were black, I was blurry, I felt really bad

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The Miss Universe contest was held tonight and ended with the victory of the Indian actress. For the Israeli delegate, Noa Kochba, it was a less successful night: the public rehearsal on stage collapsed and the competition ended at the beginning of the evening. This morning, Kochba explained what happened to her on stage: "I ate in the morning and noon because of the tension and excitement."

The Miss Universe contest held in Eilat concluded early (Monday), and the biggest winner was Hernaz Sandau, representative of India. Israeli delegate, Noa Kochba, finished her way into the competition early in the evening and was unsuccessful in the preliminary count.

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A few hours ago, back in the year, Kochba was not feeling well and fainted on stage. This morning I explained what really happened there. She described in a conversation with Nev Raskin: "During public training, I felt really bad. I saw black in my eyes and it started to blur".

“We ate in the morning, had lunch, and drank. I think it was due to a combination of stress and excitement from class,” Kochba said, “I didn’t sleep much for two weeks because I tried to spend as much time as possible with friends I knew in competition.”

On the disappointment of not qualifying for the advanced stage of the competition, Kochba said: "I'm not going to lie, it's disappointing. I was disappointed that they didn't say the name Israel, but everything is fine, everything happened for the better. .Maybe it's not something that should have happened. me and my way.” In the future. I am developing an app and trying to improve my score for medical school admission. I really enjoyed explaining our wonderful country and am thinking of continuing to do so from the sidelines.”

What do you think of the criticism of Lenore Abergel and other beauty queens who have faced the competition?

"These are opinions to develop, they just don't see the good side of this contest. Miss Universe has between two and three million followers. During the chosen year, she promotes and contributes, her life is full of excitement. You can do it. I took advantage of this wonderful stage for good things. I took advantage of this stage and launched a filter on Instagram in partnership with the Zalul Association, to raise awareness of what is happening to the coral reefs in Eilat.”

The event was opened by Noah Curl, who performed her world song "Bad Little Thing" on stage. This morning, she said, "It's impossible to explain the feelings. It's exciting to think that so many people from all over the world have seen me, which is unimaginable. This is the biggest stage I've been on, the most exciting, and the biggest event with so many spectators. Watched me nearly Out of a billion people have heard "My song. A great honor to convey a message about empowering women and strong and powerful women.”

Kirill continued, "It's full of adrenaline, so I don't feel tired. The stress drop will come in a few hours. I didn't sleep all night, but it was totally worth it. I sang a song with its full message of women's empowerment, about women who don't need anyone by their side." Because they are beautiful, smart, and strong enough. There are women of all kinds in this competition, a very wide range of charming women from all over the world. It's an honor to stand on stage and convey such a message."