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 President Abbas during his meeting with Ambassador Greenfield: Continuing Israeli practices lead to hastening and dangerously undermining the two-state solution

President Abbas during his party with Ambassador Greenfield: Continuing Israeli practices lead to flooding and unsafely subverting the two-state procedure 

We don't see, in any way, the social gathering of 6 Palestinian conventional relationship as mental oppressors, and we don't see the continued with abuse of prisoners and the limit of the varieties of brilliant people. 

Ramallah 11-17-2021 - The President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, got this evening, Wednesday, at the power headquarters in Ramallah, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield. 

He informed Ambassador Greenfield on the latest upgrades in the Palestinian locales, and the anticipated outrageous Israeli practices against the Palestinian public. 

The President zeroed in on that the continuation of these Israeli displays of settlement, killing, catch of land, house tear-downs, endeavors to eliminate the Palestinian people from their homes in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and attempts to change the standard in the Noble Sanctuary, all lead to hustling and hazardously attacking the two-state course of action that the US alliance positive its full assistance. for him. 

He made it comprehended, "We don't see in any way the social event of six Palestinian average relationship as mental oppressor by the occupation arranged specialists, and we don't see the continued with abuse of prisoners, and the holding of the blends of holy people." 

The President pushed, "We are expanding our hands for comprehension, and to hold a general social event for that, under the help of the International Quartet, but the occupation can't remain everlastingly, and if the Israeli occupation experts request repudiation of the agreed to systems, and making some separation from the method for concordance, we have options, and we will take measures that strong the odds of Our family and their public benefits. 

The President regarded the spots that President Joe Biden granted, during the call, where he mentioned his connection's commitment to the two-state blueprint, exculpating settlements, staying aware of the same old thing on the Noble Sanctuary, keeping the dispatch of Palestinians from Jerusalem regions, and completing unbalanced exercises. It came during a visit by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Ramallah, wherein he demanded his association's commitment to continuing with the US Consulate in Jerusalem. 

The President zeroed in on that the Palestinian side is expecting the execution of these American conditions on the ground, to give need to the Palestinian public to end the occupation and see their right to assurance and to get their chance and opportunity, zeroing in on the Palestinian power's knowledge to help relations with the United States. 

His Excellency welcomed the attestations of Ambassador Thomas - Greenfield at the United Nations and during her current visit to the space, where she avowed the United States' commitment to the two-state course of action and to all around law. 

Of course, the President mentioned the Palestinian side's data to organize the Palestinian races and plan a public guts government, every one of whose gatherings depend on generally speaking validness, zeroing in on the responsibility of public establishments to the rule of law, taken shots at explanation, straightforwardness and responsibility, and the invigorating of relationship with regular society foundations and the private region. 

The get-together was gone to by a person from the Central Committee of the "Fatah" improvement, top of the General Authority for Civil Affairs Minister Hussein al-Sheik, Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Information Nabil Abu Rudeineh, and manual for the president's go between Majdi al-Khalidi