Looting is a disgraceful reality of the russian army : Update

Russian war on Ukraine. Bombing and Invasion of Kyiv and Ukrainian Cities, Live Update

Looting is a disgraceful reality of the russian army

The reality, which forever eradicates in the minds of even the most devoted supporters of "russian world" myths about the greatness of the "second army of the world", the heroization of "our grandfathers have fought", the romanticization of "the officers of the White Guard" and other delusions.

Today, the russian army is an army of cheapskates. And their main trophies are microwaves, hairdryers, electric kettles, toilets, and "carpets on the wall", which they have plundered in the shattered towns and sent to their females in "russian far asslands".

But there is a life hack. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has passed a law for such "freelance hunters", under which it proposes not to exchange for trifles.

Rent a tank - get $ 100,000, BMP - $ 50,000, MLRS - $ 25,000, military vehicle - $ 10,000.

There are also suggestions for "wealthy masters".

For a combat aircraft or ship of 1st or 2nd rank - $ 1,000,000, and for a combat helicopter or ship of 3rd and 4th rank - $ 500,000.

There is a loyalty system for "wholesale customers".

Hand over the "iron coffin" that may become your "last abode".

Glory to Ukraine!

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