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Russian planes shot down and a number of their pilots captured in Mykolaiv - direct coverage

Russian planes shot down and a number of their pilots captured in Mykolaiv

Russia's war on Ukraine has entered its 11th day, amid indications that Russian forces may launch a massive attack to seize the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

While the Ukrainian forces confirmed the shooting down of Russian planes and the capture of a number of their pilots in Mykolaiv (south) and Chernihiv (north); Kyiv and Moscow accused each other of thwarting a plan to evacuate civilians from the besieged city of Mariupol (south).

While Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed confident that the military operations launched by his forces would achieve their goals, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on his citizens in the areas controlled by the Russians to demonstrate and resist, and this comes at a time when a new round of negotiations will be held between the two parties tomorrow, Monday.

Russian planes shot down and a number of their pilots captured in Mykolaiv

 6\3\2022 The situation regarding the Russian invasion

#Kiev_Yeni police led the children and mothers of Irpina in a moment before the attack of the occupiers
The situation in Urban right now is very tense. After a number of powerful air raids, the Russian occupiers entered the city, but the police managed to evacuate several families with children before the enemy arrived.
I managed to get the civilians out of the city within minutes before the aggressor. I urgently loaded cars and moved out of town. Then the message was received that Russian military equipment was already roaming the streets of Irben.

During March 5, the police in several settlements in the Zhytomyr region assisted the victims of the shooting in the air

During the day, weather warnings continued for small periods in the territory of the Zhytomyr region.

Tonight it became known that as a result of the bombing of the enemy, about twenty houses of local residents in AD. Chernyakhovy: Broken windows, broken roofs, broken fences and home buildings. Work is currently underway to restore energy, as the network has also been demolished

Police response groups of the Chernakhiv department are working on the scene. They assist the local guard against bombing and document the results of the enemy's war crimes.

In the village of Khrushchev, fortunately, the fall of the thing came to the square, and no one was hurt. No damage to buildings and damage.

In the village. NovopĂ­llĂ­ Zhytomyrsky district house caught fire. There were no owners at the scene, so human casualties were avoided in this case. Previously, the fire occurred due to the penetration of air into the building.

Police continue to work on an enhanced option to respond to all people's messages, including shootings, aliens appearing in settlements, or dealing with strangers. The influential patrols are also working to warn of any evidence of theft of homes that were temporarily abandoned by the residents of the area due to the danger of military action.

Here are the latest developments in Russia's war on Ukraine on its 11th day

21 minutes ago

The White House: Biden is coordinating with Congress to secure additional financial aid to Ukraine.

31 minutes ago

The Ukrainian General Staff: the enemy is closing in on Kyiv and Kharkiv and trying to seize the Kanyev power plant.

35 minutes ago

Politico on the authority of US officials:

Washington is discussing with Warsaw the possibility of providing it with American fighters.

We will supply Poland with American fighters if it decides to transfer its MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.

A White House spokesperson told Politico: The White House did not in any way oppose Poland's transfer of its fighters to Ukraine.

55 minutes ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: The authorities of the city of Kyiv demand the citizens to go to the shelters and spend the night there.

56 minutes ago

Kyiv authorities: The explosions that were heard in the capital a while ago were caused by air raids on the city.

one hour ago

Ukrainian news agency:

The Ukrainian army carried out an airdrop on a Russian convoy in Balaklia, south of Kharkiv.

The airborne forces destroyed the Russian column, which was going to the Dnipropetrovsk province.

one hour ago

Ukrainian President: I discussed with US President Joe Biden over the phone the security and financial support for Ukraine and the continuation of sanctions against Russia.

one hour ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: Hearing the sounds of successive explosions in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

one hour ago

Al-Jazeera correspondent: A phone call between Presidents Biden and Zelensky took about half an hour.

one hour ago

British Foreign Secretary for the Sunday Express: If Russia invades the Baltic states, it will be at war with the entire NATO.

one hour ago

Sirens are sounding again in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.